News  » Life at Barkers Vale P S - according to the students

Last updated 12:45 PM on 4 May 2017

"At Barkers Vale Public School we have friendly people and beautiful, stone buildings. Our playground is lush and green, and we have lots of wildlife."   Year 4 student

"The great thing about small schools, like ours is that you know everyone, and everyone knows you. It's just like one, big happy family." Year 6 student

"We do mindfulness, yoga and Rock and Water at Barkers Vale. It's a lot of fun and we learn how to get along with each other and how to calm down when we're upset." Year 2 student

"BVPS is becoming a PBL school. That means we're into Positive Behavior for Learning. It helps us all to stay happy and positive." Year 6 student

"BVPS is a bully free zone. We often have big, fat, happy smiles on our faces. Our teachers are kind, friendly and easy to get along with. The kids look out for each other. Our school is amazing." Year 4 student

"We have a fantastic P &C at Barkers Vale. They raise lots of money for us to use for our learning and our excursions. They help us a lot around the school too." Year 3 student

"We have sport with Ronnie. She's awesome. She plays fun games like European Handball. She knows the rules to lots of games. She's great at helping us when we disagree on the handball court too." Year 4 student

"We LOVE playing handball. Sometimes we play table tennis too." Year 2 student

"Our school has a fantastic music teacher called Jamie. He teaches us to play the marimba's, guitars, keyboards, ipads and bucket drums. Jamie made a lot of our instruments. He helps us with our amazing school concerts. We've also performed at the Performing Arts Concert in Lismore." Year 4 student

"Our school hall is also amazing. We use it for concerts, sport, ‘Rock and Water', celebrations (like the Year 6 farewell) and visiting performances. It has an amphitheater for our audiences too." Year 5 student

"Wren makes delicious food every Monday in our canteen. You'd be amazed by the flavor of her food. She has a wide range of food at reasonable prices. Some of our parents help Wren in the canteen too." Year 2 student.